Sunday, July 18, 2010


While in between regularly scheduled posts I have two announcements.

First. On a writing forum I found quite a funny book cover. I clicked on the link and read an excerpt. The concept had me, I'm a movie buff, a movie junkie. But reading the acknowledgements I felt, well, reaffirmed. One of the authors talked about his ledge. HIS LEDGE. Literary commiseration. I read further and realized, I am in the right place, this writing place.

Two clicks later and Amazon informed me the book will be here in a few days.

FOUR WORD MOVIE REVIEWS. The cover had me in stitches and you know how I love my comedy people. Clever, funny, has you thinking about all kinds of things you should be able to say in 4 words or less. Clever, funny, witty, profound.

An example: The review for TITANIC- "Icy dead people."

Profound, yes, this book, I know, will be profound. I am looking at life in 4 words now. Hubby, sitting next to me dumping out the DVR. He is watching all the Grey's Anatomy I already watched. Sexy surgeons, great soundtracks.

Okay, not as funny or witty but it's making me think of something I heard before. WORD ECONOMY. How we, as writers, chose words, and chose what words NOT to use. Profound. I will be giving a review as soon as I get it. Super excited to read. (4 words).

Second. My buddy is having a writing contest. Now, it's not being judged by the super elite in the industry, no fees to participate, no major plaques if you win. Why enter? Because it will force you to do something you have been thinking about since puberty. Having sex in far out places. Ha cha cha!

You will get a prompt , a scenario and its your job to write a steamy sex scene. Now the challenge for some will be the obvious. Sex scenes in general. But imagine this, write it in a way where the two people don't even touch. Never know each others names, using words not associated with sex, like a PG version you would say around the kids.( Sex in the City, the coloring analogy.)

No matter what your comfort level is, sex is human nature. As writers, find out where and how you can write about it. Some of the most memorable love scenes are the ones where the couple barely even touches.

Expand your minds people.

This is the time to get out of your box. Write something different, read something different.

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