Saturday, August 14, 2010

The BYRD, BYRD, BYRD, the BYRD is the WORD!

Haven't you heard? Aspiring author Ron Byrd is the word! Hi, I'm Peter Griffin let me take a minute and introduce you to the guy who thinks my song is about him. I find myself to be a literary scholar of sorts. The last Hulk comic had me on pins and needles, on real page turner that was. Let's see if this chap lives up to the name. Does he know bird is spelled with an i?

Ron hails from the sticks or rural Kansas, the heart land. His childhood and the people he grew up with are the focus of his prose. On occasion he dabbles in essays, free verse, and dialogues. At one time Ron played around with song lyrics, but not so much anymore. With competition from Peter Griffin, I could see why.

Ron took the time to answer the questions in first person. Writers. *Peter rolls his eyes.*

When I was 9 my town was very small with little to do. We lived across the road from a library and I would spend a lot of time there. I fell in love with books and soon began writing short stories. My first story was about a calico cat. It was written on Big Chief writing paper. I sent it to Dell publishing and received a handwritten "Rejection" letter. She was very kind and urged me to keep writing. Something drives me to write, I'm not really sure what it is. A need to create or express a feeling maybe...I think everyone who writes is driven by something !

I have many rough drafts but nothing completed. A few pieces of free verse stashed somewhere. I save a piece only if it's outstanding in some way. If not I toss it in the can.

I took a writing class in college. the teacher had a writing contest and I won. I really can't imagine why. Rural areas have very little in the way of support. I didn't know crit groups existed until now.

My characters are all based on real life individuals. People I knew in my childhood, they were average everyday people. Yet there was something about each one that set them apart.

The genre I would never tackle Techy books. Too cold and hard. Can't get off on computer chips !

I sell collectibles online so I guess buying and placing items online takes up a lot of my time. I write usually early in the morning when I'm fresh or late at night when it's quiet. I sometimes write to music. I really haven't dealt with the publishing phase yet. If anything I guess you could say I'm in a first draft and editing stage. Until recently I wrote more for enjoyment than anything else.
I would like to collaborate with another writer on a novel. I have a lot of ideas and material but need some fresh talent and input. I also have a small writing group that meets once a week.

My sandwich... Definitely a Ham and cheese on rye with dill pickle spears on the side !

Super hero...hmmm...Procrastinate man. I would have the power to to cause indecision ..making the villain powerless to commit crime

My stripper name would be Gizmo Kansas. Pretty hot, Huh !!

Gizmo is pretty hot. If you're  into animals. Thanks for chatting Ron. Please feel feel to watch me sing a song for the Byrd Man. See you in Quahog.


  1. Ooooh, collectibles? Antiques, mayhap? I'm a antique shopping whore. There, I said it! Great interview Ron :-)

  2. lol, love the stripper name...and hey! y instead of i is a good thing *grins*

  3. Very nice interview, Ron. I love Gizmo. LOL

  4. Best blog online !! AJ and Charli rule !!

  5. I can't wait to read your excerpt from JAWS. Can you tell us what it's about?

  6. How refreshing! My husband's family is from KS and I loved it there. Your story of being 9 and sending off to Dell is so damn cute! My young son likes to make his own graphic novels and sell them at school - LOL! He bypasses all that agent/publisher BS .
    Nice to meet you, Ron! Looking forward to reading your work.

  7. Nice to meet you Ron. I grew up in rural KS as well! I know what you mean about writing groups, I have to drive an hour and a half to meet with one in person. But I think it's the best place to write. Not a ton of hustle and bustle to take your mind off writing :)