Wednesday, August 4, 2010


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Aspiring Author Martha Ramirez pens Paranormal YA and Inspirational Suspense. When you tell this Cali Girl you're down, she is there right away with a cheer, a kind word, and a link to website that will heal all your woes. Kind of like a cross between Gidget and the Spartans up there.

When did you begin writing with the intent to be published?
Three and a half years ago.

Why, what sparked the author inside you to finally write?
My toddler was fascinated with books and somewhere along the way I was inspired to write about Fred the Frog. Don't ask. I have NO idea where Fred came from!

What completed works do you have? Describe them.
My first book is an Inspirational YA about a seventeen year-old-girl who tries to regain her faith after a drunk driver claims the lives of her parents and puts her twin in a coma.
My second and third books are top secret…for now

What avenues did you travel to get your MS complete? Crit groups, classes, research, writing communities where you live? ALL the above. I love to learn as much as I love to write. I feel very blessed to be able to enjoy something that will help me grow. A HUGE shout out to my cps. You know who you are. You guys are the BEST—seriously, I don't know where I would be without you!

What inspires your characters?
Their motivations.

What breathes life into your work?
Taking time to get to know each character. Deep POV always helps.

What is a genre that you would more than likely never tackle, why?
A Thriller. I'd probably have nightmares about what I am writing about!

What is a normal day like for you, tell us how you get all that writing in?
What does normal? Lol. It's never a normal day for me. Every day is different and not by choice. I have a three year old so I am a mommy and writer and everything in between. I try to get as much writing as I can without going crazy.

What stage of the getting published are you in?
I am published with a POD publisher and have self-pubbed a children's book as well. I am currently searching for an agent for my first and second book.

How has that experience been?
Very interesting! I have learned so much my little brain is having a hard time keeping up. Lol. Between marketing, booksignings, networking, learning the craft, etc. I have grown so much and look forward to growing some more. (On the inside not out. I'm tall enough.)

What is next for you?
Finding someone who will believe in me. And more YA…and suspense.

You are a sandwich, describe yourself on a menu.
Thin-sliced chicken on an Italian herb bun?? Hold the mayo and the peppers?
Not sure…have never been asked that question, Charli.

If you could be a superhero, who would you be and what power would you have?
Elastigirl. Because I seem to stretch everywhere.
If I can make up my own: Super Vamp. Power would be to never have to sleep and have Super Man powers.

If you'd like to contact Martha, you may find her at:


  1. Really nice interview, Mart... Its nice to learn some of the smaller things about a person.

  2. Great interview, Charli.

    I love angsty stories, and Martha's description of the first completed novel has my radar pinging like mad. Sounds like a great book premise. I don't often read YA novels, but I think I'd make an exception for that one. Good luck and hope you find an agent ASAP!

  3. Hi Martha,
    Always nice to learn a little more about each of my CPs. Now I have fair warning not to give you a thriller to beta should I ever decide to write one. A mommy to a 3 year old, writer, and wife--you are superwoman. :)

  4. Great interview girl. How we manage to write with all the other things going on in our lives is a miracle in its self. I know how hard it can be,

  5. Aw, all of your comments are so sweet! Love you all. And thanks for having me Charli and A.J. It was a pleasure!!

  6. And JM Kelley...what a compliment. Thanks!!

  7. We so love you, Cheerleader! Our group wouldn't be the same without you!

  8. Very nice interview, Mart! WTG, girl!

  9. Great interview, Mart. You always keep me inspired with your words!

    How about DINNER WITH JAWS?

  10. You guys are truly the greatest! Thanks!!
    Big X

  11. I always say how you amaze me with all you seem to accomplish in a day. And how you always have the link to whatever question I have...
    Great interview, Bulldog!

  12. Mart is my hero and a fellow NKOTB fan! Team Jordan.

  13. Nice interview! Great to meet you Martha!

  14. Hola, Lydia. Nice to meet you too. ;)

  15. LOL Charli!! Nice to meet you too Lydia!!!
    LOL to you too, Mika:)

  16. Yum for who, lass? Ye or JAWS???