Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Okay, so I'm a BIG P. I'm not really on the ledge today. But, I have an audience. So, I will not disappoint you.

I could've pretended to be out there but I'm certain you would've seen through it.

Now, that's not to say I didn't have any ledge moments this week. Go over to the Losers Lounge and check out my updates. It was the usual, no word on queries. Stalling on my new MS. Wondering about the order of my series. Yada. 

You all must be so feckin tired of the same old rants. Same old worries and panic induced yawns. Now I'm getting funks with the blogging, not so good. Not good at all. The day I run out of things to say is the day I pack it in.

This week was BLAH, writing wise. So, instead of a ledge, I'm on a BLAH BENCH. Passed out as you can see. No mojo, no gusto. Nada. I am sitting here staring at this blog and wondering what in the world am I gonna chat about?

Will Ferrell is on David Letterman. He is in a seer-sucker suit, but with shorts. He's plugging his new movie with Mark Wahlberg. I love Will. He keeps it fresh, does crazy stuff on interviews. He really keeps it fresh....

He finds ways to reinvent himself and connect with his audience, but he is always Will. Interesting. Maybe I can use that and apply that to writing my new MS. I have to keep reminding myself I am not the same writer I was last year. So writing this book will be different. It should be different. Maybe that's why I'm in this funk. I'm used to filling my time with learning so much about the craft, writing, revising, and editing at the same time. Now, being such a learned scribe I'm better. No where near perfect but it's easier. I won't lie.

I plotted out a few more chaps of Paddy's Well. That seems to be going okay. It's this whole query business that has me flustered. Throwing me off my A game. Even my B Game (B for Blogging.)

So, I enrolled in an online query class through my local writing group, Pennwriters. CJ Lyons is the instructor. I'm pretty stoked. Maybe she can figure out the mess I've made of my query. Even JAWS told me I sent her so many versions I have her confused. Not good. She keeps me together. It's a month long course and I will be happy to share my knowledge with you.
I'm a big nerd when it comes to classes. Raising my hand all the time, talking with my classmates. I am pretty much like Horshack over there, annoying, endearing, loud, cute as a button. The teacher is in class people. It's been a while.
So stay tuned, even during my boring commercials and tirades. In between my moments of crazy I do have some clarity.  You just never know....


  1. You'll get good information I'm sure...good luck--put your hand down!

  2. I met CJ a little while ago when we blogged on the same platform. The lady knows her stuff, so you're in good hands.

    It's okay to have blah moments/days/weeks. We're human, so we're emotional and never static. But always remember you're the one who decides when you'll stand up again and continue marching forward.


  3. I've thought about taking CJ's query course several times. Enjoy it! I'm sure you'll learn a lot.

  4. Ah hell, ye need to listen to the wee voice in yer head, lassie. Let it whisper to ye when no one else is around, it may clear up some of the confusion!

  5. Um, what happens when there are multiple voices whispering in me head?

    When I listen to the voices I think I am clearing things up but when I give them to ye JAWS, ye are the one confused.

    Who's on first? Anyone feel this way....I am going mad I tell ye! MAD!

    Class so far is great. I am nerding it up with 2 questions. Ooh Ooh Ooh, Mr. Kotter! Horshack is in the building.

    For those of you who don't know Horshack, youtube him. Then go visit the losers lounge for not knowing about classic TV.

  6. Love Horshack! You must be pretty okay. My youngest is so much like him, even looks enough like him that one of his teachers nicknamed him that. When he finally got baffled enough to ask, we had tons of fun looking up old episodes on the inet. He's got such a sense of humor that he was a little proud of the nickname.

    I mean this in the best way possible: Get off your arse and write. (see, how can anyone take that wrong?) Don't worry about being different - your core is still the same - you're just better educated. Don't let it kill your creativity - write like you use to to get it all out if you must - rewrites will be easier this time.

  7. Hi Charli & AJ,

    Just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog. I found you through A Romance Writer's Haven on FB which I joined recently. I'm an aspiring writer who is writing a romance that doesn't really fit the "rules" for romances. So I'm not sure but I may be leaning towards writing women's fiction instead. Anyway, I'm a lot less along on the path than many of you here are. I rediscovered my love of writing about two years ago thanks to my daughter and her challenge that I join her in participating in NaNoWriMo that year. ;-) I see I have MUCH to learn. :-P

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your posts and those of your brave contributors.


  8. Hey Penny, gotta love that Horshack. As a former teacher, I loved the little dudes who asked and asked. I have been known to snort and laugh like a cross between Horshack and Pee Wee Herman. My hubby finds it sexy as hell. So he says.

    Yeah yeah yeah, getting off me arse as we speak. Thanks for the push.

  9. GINNY WELCOME! Super excited to have you and find someone in the same boat as me. I do not follow the rules and my MS dos not fit the Romance rules. I am also a cross between Contemporary Romance and Women's fiction. I joined the yahoo critique group Rom-Critters and I met AJ. Nuff said. It's been the best education ever. I look forward to hearing more from you. Please join our crit group or at least sign on to follow the blog. Thanks so much for the kind words.

    Daughters rock. I have a tweener. Gulp. She inspires me everyday. Well, on the days I don't want to kill her.

  10. WELCOME GINNY! We are so happy to have you here! And I second, Charli's statement, daughter's rock, so long as their not screaming! I have a toddler, oh man.

    Meeting fellow writers is the best way to learn and hone your craft.

    And I'm with Penny, GET OFF YER ARSE AND WRITE!


    Ladies, we do aspiring author spotlights every week as well as DINNER WITH JAWS. If you're interested, lemme know ...

  11. Thanks for the welcome Charli. My WIP is a love triangle and while there are a lot of romance books that feature love triangles, do a little Google search on the subject and you'll see how many romance novel readers HATE love triangles. Mine breaks the rules because the heroine doesn't immediately leave her boyfriend the moment she meets the hero. Secondly, if I write it the way it is in my head I will break the cardinal rule that says a hero must not even look upon another female with lust in his eyes once he's met the heroine. He not only looks, he touches.

    But at this point, I've kind of lost my way with it all. I'm at the point where I'm looking at the whole thing and wondering if it's even a story worth telling. I want to write stories that are all about regular people who deal with life's regular problems, so I'm wondering if I should be focusing on women's fiction rather than romance.

    Anyway, I would love to join your crit group. How would I go about doing that?

    Oh boy, the tween years are fun. My daughter is 18, but she's a really good kid, very shy, so she's spared me most of the teen drama her brother put me through in spades. ;-)

    Really looking forward to getting to know you better. :-)

  12. Hi AJ,

    Thanks so much for the welcome. Oh my, a toddler! I remember those days well and they're exhausting. I remember the screaming all too well. The first time my son had a full-on temper tantrum I actually asked my mom if he was normal. ha! I thought for sure there had to be some sort of mental illness going on till my mother assured me all toddlers behaved that way at times. ;-) But they sure can be sweet at that age too.

    I'm grateful for blogs like this one and the brave souls who share their work because it does help the rest of us who aren't as far along on the journey to learn.

    Looking forward to getting to know you better too.

  13. Ginny,

    http://www.romancecritters.com/. Tell Marianne, AJ & Charli sent ye!

    Ad far as genre, you read Emily Giffin's Love the One You're With? Women's Fiction, marriage woes, touching other than the spouse, it's all there and a great read.

    Go for the story in your head. Screw trends. Myer, Brown, King, Sparks, and Rowling did.:)

  14. Thanks for the info, Charli. I'm reading Giffin's Something Blue right now. Finished Something Borrowed a few days ago, and have Love the One You're With on my list to read next. :-)

    I checked out the rom-critters group, but I'm not sure I'm ready for them yet. I know, I know - buck buck buck (the sound of me being a big chicken)I just feel like such a total novice still. Don't want to jump into the deep end till I'm ready to swim. ;-)

  15. I haven't read Something borrowed or blue yet...I know, I know.

    Love the one you're with was very good, I read it in one sitting but I skipped 20% of the book, at least. All the backstory killed me.

  16. Just wanted to thank you again for the info on the rom-critter group, Charli. I took the leap and requested to join this morning (trying to ignore the mammoth butterflies that have taken up residence in my stomach since I hit the send button)but I know if I don't start putting myself and my writing out there to critiqued, I may as well just write in a journal and leave it at that.

  17. WOOT WOOT. I look forward to welcoming you to group! Good for you. All it takes is one step.