Saturday, August 7, 2010


Aspiring Author Kris Andrew  is like from Ontario, Canada, eh. Hi, I'm Bob McKenzie and this is my brother Doug. Say hi, Doug.

Doug: How's it going, eh?

Ok Doug, like stop drinking all the beer. Dad'll like hose us. So like Charli asked us to introduce her friend today cause like we're Canadian, right?

Her friend JAWS is supposedly Canadian but I think she lied. Cause like JAWS is from New York. I saw all those movies. Plus Saturdays in the summer are busy times for Sharks and all. So, we're the only neighbors to the north Charli knows. Oh, and she said that, wait I better get this right...Charli said that she had to G-T-L then head down the Jersey Shore. Whatever, right. I told her take off hoser, me and Doug have our own show. We can like do this, for like a case of beer, beauty, eh? Tell them more Doug.

Take off, Bob. So anyways, Kris Andrews writes Romance, Fantasy, and Y-A, not ya like what you'd say to a horse but YA for Young Adult. In case you didn't know that, cause Bob and I didn't. But she's also writing a Romantic Fantasy. I was like, take off eh, like my mom says that her fantasy would be Dad and Uncle Joe fishing with no shirts. Like she said that was a Canadian wet dream. I hope her story is like that cause my mom would buy it. Drumroll Bob....Here's Kris Andrews, eh...

When did you begin writing with the intent to be published? Why, what sparked the author inside you to finally write?
I had never had aspirations of being a writer. I always figured my attention span was too short, and that I lacked the intellectual fortitude it took to pen a novel. So, how I came to be the sass-mouth writer I am today is kinda weird, really. I was having this reoccurring dream-nightmare thing, and it was just getting more vivid the more I tried to ignore it. So, one night last December, I flicked on the bedside lamp and started to scribble down my random thoughts. That was the beginning of The Witching Chronicles. And eight months later, along with a new set of glasses and regular massage therapy appointments, I just can’t seem to stop. It turns out that I’m a little more focused than I thought. It’s been a wicked growing process and I’m so thankful for it.

What completed works do you have? Describe them.

One. The first book in TWC entitled Gaia. I have 5 chapters of the second book roughed out. TWC is a romantic fantasy. The premise for the first book centers around an immortal 18 year old witch named Gaia living at the end of the 17th century Atlantic Canada. Her journey to find herself and come to terms with a love she never thought she wanted. I am just a few chapters away from completing a completely different project called The Last Summer, but I’m not totally committed to the title yet. Not too sure how to classify it, but it’s romantic and dramatic, and sarcastic.

What avenues did you travel to get your MS complete?

Crit groups, classes, research, writing communities where you live? It started as a challenge to myself. I wanted to see if I could finish it. And whadaya know- I did! I am lucky to have some amazing people in my life. They have helped me grow as a writer and I trust them implicitly with my writing, but I’m still pretty green- that I know for sure. However, I have just started this cuckoo journey called writing and I have the rest of my life to nurture my abilities. I’m in no rush.

What inspires your characters? What breathes life into your work?

People around me. Whether they know it or not. I am an observer by nature and love to watch how people interact with one another. I’m fascinated with how we as humans treat each other. We can be so cruel, but in the same breath, we have such an amazing capacity to love. It’s a beautiful battle.

What is a genre that you would more than likely never tackle, why?

Horror! I’m such a fraidy cat, that I refuse to watch any slasher movies or even see the movie trailers. I get terrible nightmares. So I don’t see myself writing anything that will horrify me. And most likely a spy premise. I’d rather have someone else figure out that espionage world. It’s a little too techy for me.

What is a normal day like for you, tell us how you get all that writing in?

I’m a stay at home mom, so life is interesting. I am very lucky to have such awesome kids. They are at the age now (4 1/2 and 2 1/2 yrs) where they don’t need as much. Mornings are always filled with play dates and errands. Then we attack lunch. Kids go down for rests or naps and then I bust out the computer for a couple of hours. I have learned that I can’t write before I go to bed, or else my mind goes 90 miles an hour and I can’t sleep, therefore, driving my hubby nuts.

What stage of getting published are you in, first draft, editing, querying, etc.?

How has that experience been? First drafts and editing, but I have a spiral notebook that is being filled with random story ideas. The whole experience has been very cathartic to say the least. It has brought up emotional baggage I thought I was over and slammed it right in my face. I have cried like a baby, and ranted like a spoiled child. My hubby has been more then supportive. But I have loved what it has brought to my life. I have found myself. In the most unexpected way I found what I am here to do. I am a wife, mother, and (happily) a writer. Whether anything becomes of my nutty stories is irrelevant. Now, don’t get me wrong. It would be super cool to see my writing in book stores everywhere, and having a boat load of fans would be equally cool, but I have to simmer the hyper-active child in me and just enjoy what it gives to me. It brings me joy and fills my soul.

What is next for you?

First, I have to finish this new project. Then I’d like to go back to TWC and dive into the second book. I’m always coming up with story ideas and can’t wait to see what inspires me. I have enjoyed finding out just how expansive the writing world is, and getting to know all the cool people that inhabit it. I’ll keep on blogging, writing and keep on rockin’ in the free world.

You can find more about Kris at:

You are a sandwich, describe yourself on a menu.

Oh sandwiches! My second favourite food. Cereal is the first, of course. I’d be a grilled Swiss cheese sandwich on marbled rye with cranberry mayo. A funky twist on a classic. Seems fitting...hehe

If you could be a superhero, what would your name and power be?

I’d be a cross between Jean Grey, Storm and Mystique. If I could throw time travel in there too that’d be awesome. I’d also be Lady Wolverine to my hubbies Wolverine.

What is your porno/stripper name? Using the traditional formula take the family pet’s name and the street you grew up on? For instance, Charli’s is Betsy Orchard, AJ’s Ginger King Edward.

Well, I moved around a lot when I was a kid, and I don’t remember my first pets name (poor goldfish was flushed when I was 5) so I’ll modify it a bit and go with my favourite childhood pet and favourite home- you ready?....Freckles Alma! Terrible, I know!

Thanks Kris. Freckles-She Wolf is a beauty, eh.
Take off Doug, we gotta tell them about our show. So, anyway like click on this link and check out our show. Good day, eh.


  1. I love reading these interviews,and I adore the sandwich question.Of course now I'm hungry for a grilled cheese sandwich. With a side of back bacon.(Major points for Bob and Doug McKenzie, especially since just yesterday I was encouraging my Canadian friends to try to push for a new Canadian holiday-Take Off Day.)

    I'm especially glad to see from Kris' answers that I'm not the only one who turns into an emotional wreck while writing. And here I thought I was just overdue for a lithium prescription....

  2. Nice to meet you, Kris! Great interview:)

  3. So with you JM and Kris. I was crying writing a chapter of my new WIP last night. But I guess the Merlot didn't help. LOL.

    Glad you liked Bob & Doug. Strange Brew is one of my all time fave movies. :)

  4. This is awesome! I do call people hosers, and I proudly say 'eh!', but I have yet to see the movie strange brew. I watched SCTV back in the day though, so I'm not totally unpatriotic. I know, shame on the canuck for not watching it! I sent some time working in the states, and I got serious flack for my Canadian accent. Thanks so much for the funny intro. I was wondering what you were going to do. And JM, I'm a crier! I cry watching Oprah, I cry watching sentimental commercials, I cry at weddings. I think I may have over-active tears ducts..:)

  5. Hey, Kris, fantastic interview. LOL, I love that your second favorite food is cereal. I love it too--all kinds.
    LOL, SCTV was great. Strange Brew was one of my fav movies. My all time fav movie--comedy--is Ace ventura's Pet Detective. LOL, Jim kills me.

  6. Brenda, were we separated at birth? Alrighty then! Obsess much, oh much to much! Ace Ventura is def in my top 5.
    Take care now, bye bye then.

    Kris, glad ye like. AJ, as a fellow Canadian, felt it was only appropriate to hose you in such a fashion.

    Cereal, I had a crush on Captain Crunch for a while.

    Brenda, there is a photo waiting for you in group.

  7. Kris, will we be seeing some of this Romantic Fantasy for JAWS next week? Tell us a little bit about it.

  8. I enjoy Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Honeycomb. I lived off cereal during my college years, and now I get to enjoy it all over again with my kids. My daughter LOVES capt'n crunch.
    It's in our Canadian DNA to poke fun at ourselves. I loved it! More please!
    Well, I suppose I should just rip off the safety bandage and let Jaws sink her teeth into my MS. I have something in the works that I'd like Jaws to look at. It's not fantasy based, but I think it's could be something awesome. When do you need it by?

  9. The Tuesday before is fine. I am not sure, Ron might be ahead of you in line. I'll send you an email. SOOO excited.

  10. It is absolutely in our DNA to poke fun at ourselves, Kris. Can't imagine a Canadian NOT laughing at Canuck jokes.

    Sometime I'll buy a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Lucky Charms and eat the whole thing!

    Totally a big baby when it comes to screamers, those damn zombies make me queasy and the hubby just loves them. Great LOL

    JAWS would love to have ye lass. Email me at and I'd be happy to sink me teeth into it! :-)

  11. I can relate ! I'm a write or die kind of guy.. Great interview.. Great blogg !!

  12. Thanks everyone. This has been a blast and I'm feeling the love.
    I will be getting that tasty morsel to you very soon jaws. Have no fear you will not go hungry:) And I do have to pace myself with gorging on cereal. It's hard to explain to a 4 yrs old why mommy is eating like crap but she has to eat her vegetables. But back in the day I could inhale a box on cinnamon toast crunch or frosted flakes in a day without blinking.
    My hubby goes out with his buds all the time to go see the movies I refuse to even glance at- the saw franchise would be a prime example! freaks the hell out of me
    Thanks again for shining the light on me:) I love this site and I'm so glad that I have found you guys!