Monday, January 31, 2011

No Writing, No Wine, Makes Charli Something Something...

My family may toss me outside in the yard. I'll be with ol' Jack out there, frozen.

Here in Philly we are expecting yet another snow storm. Lovely. This one has ICE! Yay...not.

Weather like this keeps you in the house. You only go out for work, school, and necessities.

Wine is a necessity, not bread. But that's just me.

Over the weekend I had a hard time getting in the mood to write. I had a very bad cold. Very, very bad. And the hubby had our Saturday Night booked for a social gathering. He said the boos were free. What to do. Wine is a necessity as I've previously stated... invited to a place that serves free wine... wine is alcohol... therefore doubling as medication... therefore I can go.

The hubby and kid were happy to get me out of the house. They said I was acting a little off. Well, yes I was. Sore throat, snot rags, and a boat load of cough drops and you'd be too. I think they heard me grumbling about not bothering Mommy in her work place. I think they think I was starting to act like Jack up there. I think my kid remembers the Simpson's Tree House of Horror where Homer goes nuts without beer and TV.

Homer: No TV, no beer, makes Homer something something...
Marge: ...Go crazy?
Homer: Don't mind if I do! *Homer starts murderous rampage.*

Foreseeing their own demise they practically pushed me out the door. Kid goes to her Aunt's. Me & the Hubby are on our own. Woot!

We get to our little soiree and yes there is alcohol but 'tis not free. Hubby shrugs his shoulders as he laughs. "Like you're gonna leave? Free or not you never pass up a drink. Now drink woman and feel better."

Ah, the man knows me. Isn't he romantic...

And no, the family is alive and well. I slept all day Sunday and they didn't bother me. I wrote a wee bit last night too.

With the next storm looming overhead I guess the hubby better stock up on Merlot and Pinot Grigio. Mama's gotta some editing to do.

Enjoy today's clips that inspired this post.


  1. I can't believe we're getting another storm. I hope we don't lose electricity so I get something done if school is canceled. Hope you feel better.

  2. I love the Simpsons. I remember the first time I watched The Shining--scared the crap out of me. Then I read the book and wow that scared me even more!!!!
    I've been going a little stir crazy myself. Weather sucks and I'm working on my query, and we all know how that is.

  3. I hope ur feeling better, Charli! Hope you had a great time withy the boos too:)

  4. we're gonna get slammed with this storm right after you and i were getting cabin fever because the kids were sick...couldn't go to school, couldn't hang out with their buddies...thankfully their better...and thankfully i've never seen the shining...that kins of stuff gives me no thank you! but i'm a big simpsons fan!

  5. I have been swamped with work lately. I can relate. Usually my job allows me to write a few pages a day, but I have written 5 pages in two weeks. I relate so much.

  6. Jack Nicholson and Homer Simpson are definitely the forces that drive creativity.

  7. Hope you're feeling better! Sorry about the weather. It really sucks, I'm in an area that hasn't been hit as hard. But, regardless, I'm ready for spring! Hope wine supply is ample for the sake of hubby and child;).

  8. So, you're saying you'd like more snow? ;)-

    I love The Shining and The Simpsons parody was HILARIOUS!!!

  9. Hope you're on the mend now! This winter has been brutal. Cold rain down here in Atlanta. Good wine-inspiring weather!

    Saw you signed up for the You've Come a Long Way Baby Blogfest. Looking forward to reading your entry!

  10. Thanks everyone for stopping by. Yes, much better and writing away. :)

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