Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hiatus Time

Charli is going on a hiatus from this lovely blog. Not to worry. This is not a ledge moment or a Sheen like break from reality. I just need a break, have lots to do, and wanted to let you all know I will be back soon.

Lately I've been participating in Blog fests and hops. It helps you meet other writerly friends and exchange information.

It's nice but it's not why AJ and I started this blog. Over the past few months our wee lil' blog has received those blog awards. We don't post them, it's not our thing. It's nice to have people feel that way about you blog and acknowledge it. But when you go to their blogs to accept the square image you find out you're 1 of 7 to 10 recipients. In order for the giver of your award to accept one that they got they have to give them out. What the what? Are these awards really all that sincere?

Hmmm. Some yes but since it's sort of forced prolly not all.

The Blog Fest thing I actually like. I get to read other people's writing and such but it gets overwhelming. You can spend hours and hours just looking at other people's entries, commenting, and bam, your day is gone. And you've yet to open your WIP and actually write.

Hmmm. I start a blog to share about the writing experience and blog more than write.

I used to look forward to jumping on here and venting about the process, the craft, the joys, the lows, and the ledge moments of becoming an aspiring writer. What happened to me?

The blogosphere. The interwebz. The twitterverse. The Facespaces.

I have a lot going on outside my writing life. I will be super busy until May. It's all very top secret, the kind of thing where if I tell you I have to kill you. So we'll leave it at I'm busy.

Maybe AJ will be by soon. Maybe I will find something of writing value to speak of. But for now I need to get back back to actually writing.

Smell ya later interwebbing blogospheres!

Lemon Out.


  1. There is so much truth in your words. For the same reasons, I don't post my awards.

    I'm sorry to hear you're going, but at the same time I'm excited to find out what secret adventures you will be up to. I hope you can keep us posted as soon as you know.
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  2. blogging, twittering and networking in general takes up al to of time...don't stay away too long hun:)

  3. The interwebz is a time suck. I hope you have a restful hiatus...or at least a productive one. ;)

  4. Totally understand. I experienced the same thing. No worries, you're always fantasmagorical to me.