Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jillian Stone=Ha Cha Cha!

Happy Pub Day to Jillian Stone!
Well, isn't that a Ha Cha Cha cover! Yum. I don't give out Ha Cha Chas to just anyone. The witty and wild Jillian Stone sits in the front row of a very special class.

One of my favorite authors. One that has the ability to make me snort, sigh, and ah-hem, fan myself.

That's what I call the Charli Mac Ha-Cha-Cha factor.

And today A Private Duel With Agent Gunn is officially on shelves! Woot woot!

I've read devoured some of the scenes from Agent Gunn already. As always, Stone delivers heart pounding action, thought provoking history, cackle inducing wit, and the cross your legs kind of steam that keeps one turning the pages. Agent Phineas Gunn "Finn" must investigate and keep tabs on a past love. A love so fierce it pains him still, especially since she believes he killed her brother. Cate, a famous ballet dancer, has plans on bringing to justice those that took her family and save her remaining brother at any cost. Problem is she's stalked by the man she believes is at fault, Finn. Together they search for the truth while keeping a suspicious eye on one another, and other body parts... Yum!

There's a very sexy ballet rehearsal scene. Hard bodies clashing in close proximity... Made me grab the old dance bag out of the closet for my very own private two step with the man. (*Do not try this at home ladies. Unless you are a professionally trained dancer. Or at least in shape. Thankfully, I spared the hubby my Seinfeld Elaine-esque moves and just jumped his bones. Carry on.)

If you haven't had the pleasure of reading one of Stone's novels, imagine this: Novels filled Johnny Depp/Robert Downey Jr. -esque steampunk hotties. As a fan of the Sherlock Holmes films, I dare say it should be Stone writing the next script. Yes, she's that good. The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard Series reads like a well scripted and perfectly cast action packed movie. Her heroes and heroines have real issues, like Victorian Era PTSD. And they're so damned sexy to boot! The clever dialogue, luscious descriptions, and a fast moving plot have Jillian Stone and these hotties forever on my TBR list.

This past summer I had the honor of reading an advanced copy of A Dangerous Affair With Detective Lewis. And I am ashamed to say that life got in the way of my reviewing here in a timely manner. So, I figured today would be the perfect day to do so.

Rafe and Fanny are childhood sweethearts torn apart by deceit. (My favorite trope!) Years later, after the gruesome murder of Fanny's father, Rafe is sent by Scotland Yard to protect her from further harm, as a plot to kill Industrialists is underway. Fanny is headstrong and determined to stay away from Rafe, the man who broke her heart and ruined her life. Rafe is determined to keep Fanny safe and win back said broken heart. Being chased and nearly shot at every turn keeps them practically on top of one another or at each other's throats. And that makes for some great tension, angst, and of course, my favorite: some HA CHA CHAS!

Here's a line that made me sigh, when Rafe notices a subtle part of Fanny with an implied longing. I love that...

Rafe reached for her hand to help her down from the carriage. He caught a glimpse of white fingers through the crochet-work of her gloves.

Here's a line that made me swoon, when Fanny snuggles next to Rafe in bed after suffering a bit of shock and he comforts her...

"What is that?"

He muffled a snort against the fine hairs of her temple. "A good guess would be my cock." He made an adjustment to his trousers. "Actually, I'm quite certain of it."

..Astonishing really, that he could find himself lying in bed with Fanny Greyville-Nugent and not make love to her.

Oh, and to make the post come full circle, we get introduced to Agent Gunn in Detective Lewis. And, well, two Scotty too Hotties in one book had me re-reading a few scenes. Sigh and swoon.

So, if you love this:

Mixed with this:
And you don't mind a little of this:

Or a little of that:

Then you'll just adore her:
Jillian Stone



  1. I wanted to stop and share with blog visitors how amazing it was to work with both Jodie (Wilson) Longshaw and Charli Mac (Liz Nazario) on A PRIVATE DUEL WITH AGENT GUNN.

    They are both invaluable crit partners and great friends! Muah!

    1. You know I love my Men of Scotland Yard. The fact you are my friend is only coincidence. ;-)