Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I have a ledge. My Charli ledge. It is where I go in those moments of panic, self doubt, uncertainty, anger, frustration, did I mention panic? My poor critique partners, the ones who were with me throughout my first WIP, the whole year, know this place very well. I have even seen a few of them from time to time out there. I am considering renting space out.

Tis a very nice ledge.

Here I changed the plot to By Grace Alone, 3 times. THREE! It killed me to do that, I went kicking, screaming, and punching and my poor CP’s took the abuse. But in this place of solace I found so much more. I found my voice, the passion for my work, the gut wrenching emotion poured from here onto the keyboard.

But, I must warn you, not all trips to the ledge are pretty. I had to be talked back in quite a few times. I mean I almost made some really bad decisions on that ledge. Plot ideas that had my main character seeing a cyber therapist. That is when you need to have someone to email, call, and a group to vent to. The one thing about the ledge, you can’t be there entirely alone.

I was there yesterday. Pacing, stewing. I think my MS is too long and may have a hard time getting published. So I was thinking of making this first story, the second in the trilogy. But that would mean actually writing the first, then revising BGA again, taking out what I managed to put in the new one. I am rambling here people and to be quite honest, I am typing from the ledge. I didn’t even notice when I get transported there. I just look up from my keys, and there I am.

I will be here for a while as I am on the query super highway. Wondering if I jumped the gun sending them out. What is killing me is that my gut feeling is to make BGA the second in the series, the same instinct that had me changing plot after plot.

We all have our ledges. Open up your window to yours, peek out and say hello. I will probably still be sitting there, talking to myself. But last I checked in, AJ was out there with me.

Cost of joining me on the ledge, a cyber hug or kick in the ass when needed.

Signing out but still on the ledge.



  1. Typing up some more queries, partner. Hang on, I'm climbing out the window to pull you back in!

  2. But I thought you joined me to type some queries! Make up yer mind woman!

  3. Hey, C, get your ass back inside. The pigeons need that ledge!!!
    Seriously though, I hate--HATE--that bloody ledge! I have been out there so many times I may as well move my coffee maker out there. Crap, I will just talk myself off that ledge and the next day I'm back on it. This writing buisness drives me batty.

  4. Coffee maker? Donuts? Oh man, Brenda, she's going to be out there all day! Whatever you do, don't give the lady a drink, she'll never come back in. Talking her down is the only way.

  5. Brenda, did you say donuts? Jodie you got me a drink? Whoo hoo. Party on the ledge bitches!

  6. Did someone say coffee? Lol...sounds like my kind of party. Before you go making any major changes, discern your reason for making them. My advice, don't change anything because these first few queries have been rough. Really. It sucks, but most authors go through this phase on the road to publication. It has nothing to do with your writing ability. And I personally don't think your book is too long. Length can always be tailored later by editorial request.

  7. Ok, I won't lie that the form rejections had me thinking of making changes. I keep getting mixed views on the length of BGA, some say not long, some say too long. Ugh!

    For peeps who don't know, it's at 121,500. It was 136,000.

    But here is the real problem. The more I think about the changes the more I believe they may strengthen the series.

    I am at a serious crossroads here.

    Making the changes requires writing said entire new novel, then tweaking completed one.

    I have partials on completed novel out to 2 agents and a number of queries still unanswered. So, I am on the ledge. Until I make a decision I ain't moving.

    Lord, someone better hurry with that drink!

  8. If it feels right, whatever change, then by all means...sometimes it takes outside influences to open doors for us, creatively speaking. I just know he strong the temptation is to change " just this one thing" in order to meet an a perceived expectation. I was told that my odds of getting picked up, even by a small publisher, were akin to winning the lottery because my novel was so long. Oops.

    so you see why I commented. I almost shortened mine and I'm glad I didn't because it would have been premature in my case. The novel ultimately did get shortened but it was through the editorial process and adding a good many contractions. not through cutting plot or narrative, like i was about to.

    You'll know what to do when the time comes to jump or crawl back in through the window. Keep us posted!

  9. God, the typos...sorry. Stupid touch pad...

  10. Oh, Jaws pointed out to me in my first crit I have the innate gift to say the same thing 20 different ways! It went from 136 to 121 cutting all the crap. At 121 the story is complete with its necessary parts.

    Being on said ledge and thinking about the twenty different things to do I came up with this solution, the one I can't decide upon.

    So, I am still stewing here and hopefully will have an answer soon. Tis a very tough decision.

    Oh, BTW, I rarely write contractions out of laziness of the shift button.

    I live for TYPOS btw. The minute I crit someone's post is the minute I officially jump off the ledge!

  11. Okay, ledge decision. I am going to write the prologue and chapter 1 along with the story map by next week for Paddy's Well as the first in the series. See how it feels.

    Then send for approval to me peeps who know BGA. And for any ledge viewers who'd like a peek.

    Deal? Can ye untie me now??? I am so very thirsty since no one made me a drink. Bitches.

  12. Aye, there's a good wee lassie. Jack Daniels, straight up, three fingers. ARGHHH!

    Ye giving me a deadline before ye serve me?

  13. Okay, last post until next week's report. I got the prologue done and the opening of chapter 1 done. Going to plot now, no more pantsing. Will update ya next Tuesday. Thanks to all me bitches and lassies for looking out. ;)

  14. OK, not that you know me from a whole in the ground, but I too have my ledge. It's laden with old high school insecurities of not feeling good enough and a hopeless slathering of ugly crying. I go there from time to time and scream my head off about how frustrated I am that I started writing in the first place. But once I am talked down by my very patient husband, I forget about the ledge-that is until I want to rip off every literary agents head and spit down their necks for not liking me.

  15. Hey Kris, welcome to the ledge. We know you now. Please sign up to follow. We'd love to get to know you better. This is a place for all writers and ledge enthusiasts. Let us know more about you and the type of writing you do.

    My hubby tries to talk me off the ledge. I just drag him out with me. High school insecurities suck, really suck when the same feeling creeps into adulthood.

    That is why we are here to vent, scream, laugh and cry together.

    Welcome Kris. Cyber hugs all around.