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She's Mika Fredricks, for now. This office managing farmer balances marriage, motherhood, and writing all with the flick of a finger. She hails from San Luis Obispo California, only a few percussion waves , rather, moments from the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. She writes Time Travel Romance and Beginning Reader. Mika hopes the two genres never merge.

When did you begin writing with the intent to be published?
First, I want to thank you for having me here today. I’ve been enjoying your site and all the great information to be found here. It’s next to never an aspiring author has her day in the blogging sun. I’m excited to get  started! I started to apply myself last year in September. The kids were going back to school and my day wasn’t completely filled working in our home office. I’m so not a bon-bon/soap opera girl.

I’ve often asked myself that very question! Bon-bons are delicious, especially the… Oh, but wait. That’s not what you meant, is it? Back to writing. I’ve been told I already have too many pots boiling on the stove, so why do this to myself? Deep within my caffeine driven highly creative soul, searching for the answer, I believe I write because it’s a release of emotion and adrenaline. I can pour anger, happiness, sarcasm and more onto my pages. I’m able to vent or celebrate life through my characters. The adrenaline I thrive on keeps me pumped up all day. And the non-fat vanilla lattes don’t hurt either!

What sparked the author inside you to finally write?
It all started with an idea. You know the ones I’m talking about. What if… When I turned 8, I started writing in a daily diary. As I grew older, the name changed to journaling. To write down my idea for a story came natural last September. I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy writing fiction until I found myself 34 pages and 9700 words into it. Completely alienated from encouraged by my family in the evenings, I was in heaven.

What completed works do you have? Describe them.
The Beginning Reader book is complete and I’m learning what my next step to publishing is. Many of you know the process for children’s fiction is different from the Romance genre. If anyone would like to toss tips and hints my way, I would be most appreciative.

What avenues did you travel to get your MS complete? Crit groups, classes, research, writing communities where you live?
The time-travel MS is progressing, growing along with my online education (Laurie Sanders with Black Velvet Seductions taught a great class on deep POV – thanks, Laurie!). My crit group at Rom-Critters spanked me and soothed the pain as I learned from my mistakes and the mistakes of others. I learn something each day from everyone’s posts, including patience, humility, and tons of humor. I haven’t found a writing group in my area, but I posted an ad on Craigslist to see if there were any other lone romance soldiers like myself out there. Three responses to date: A female horror writer (perhaps she wants a romantic element to her MS), a reader of romance, and one male stalker sci-fi writer that gave me the heebie-jeebies. I think he was more interested in meeting women.

What inspires your characters? What breathes life into your work?
I can point an index finger at my husband first and foremost. He’s the living example of my MS hero. The sidekicks are either my his buddies or a combination of them. I’ve been around most of them for over half my life, the antics never cease to work my abs from laughing. My work comes to life on the view screen from watching the world around me. I’ll eavesdrop on conversations at the grocery store. I people-watch at events and games. All the world’s a stage…

What is a genre that you would more than likely never tackle, why?
Expository and technical! Where’s the fun in that? Always so serious and accurate. Dullsville.

What is a normal day like for you, tell us how you get all that writing in?
Holy crap! How about an average day? My husband’s alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. (but we don’t get out of bed for an hour *wink-wink*), I make coffee and pack his lunch cooler for work. After summer vacation is over for the kids, I’ll be yelling hustling to drive them to school before the first bell rings. Then I head to the barn to feed our sheep and horses, clean a pen or two, and come back in for breakfast. I’ll email work in the business office until all or the majority of work is finished, and being the manager and sole office employee, I decide when that is. I’ll make beds, straighten up the house, and pick the kids up from school. Some days my office load is light and I can skip it all together. Those are the days I exercise the horses, work out, and find time for my writing. If I can’t write during daylight hours, I’ll write after dinner dishes are finished and the boys are glued to Speedvision. I recently bought my first laptop and I’ve been happier than a pig in mud ever since. Now I can write while waiting to pick-up the kids at school & sports, while hay is loaded on the truck, traveling with my husband to his sheep dog herding competitions, etc. Before the laptop, I used the office and my boys’ PC’s, saving everything to memory sticks.

What stage of getting published are you in, first draft, editing, querying, etc.? How has that experience been?
For the Beginning Reader, I’m in the process of receiving crits. The T-T Romance is in the first draft stage. When I posted my first three chapters of the romance for crits, I had a huge depression awakening. There were rules for writing that I never cared knew about. With this newfound knowledge, my respect flows for all those writers that never give up.

What is next for you?
Along with a writing career, I need to develop my platform now. Martha Ramirez needled encouraged me to open a Twitter account, which I’ve done. Now I have to figure out what to do with it.

Feel free to attach links to websites, blogs, FB, or twitter for yourself.
Other sites under construction

You are a sandwich, describe yourself on a menu.
Mediterranean Delight: Two long lengths of soft Pain de mie bread lightly spread with a white garlic cream sauce. Thin slices of capicola and prosciutto are placed down the center, followed by red julienned peppers, grilled eggplant, and hand torn field greens. Fresh mozzarella drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette and extra virgin olive oil completes the sandwich. Salt and pepper optional. Note: If you’re on a diet, anything consumed over the sink doesn’t count!

If you could be a superhero, what would your name and power be?
My name would be Anominous. My super power would be invincibility and super finger flick power! And if anyone comments on my shocking pink cape, I flick ‘em.

What is your porno/stripper name? Using the traditional formula- the family pet’s name and the street you grew up on? For instance, Charli’s is Betsy Orchard, AJ’s Ginger King Edward.
Psycho Flora. Yup, that about says it all.


  1. Hilarious, Mika! It's nice to get to know you out of the group...and you are so busy, I bow to you in awe!

  2. Wow, Mika...Busy lady. Very nice interview.

  3. LOVED the interview. Even though I know a lot about you it was as if I was learning more:)
    Ur great personality always shines through. Love yaz, Mikita!

  4. Hey, Mika, fantastic interview.
    Man, your days almost sound like mine. Busy with farm chores, housework, kids, etc, etc.

  5. Great interview! I know what you mean. Too much to do and never enough hours in the day. I need to be a super hero. Perferably one that never has to sleep then everything would get done. Well maybe it would all get done. Knowing me I would add more to my to do list. I love to torture myself by spreading myself as thin as possible. It is exhausting! Great job on the interview!

  6. Mika rocks! Great job lady and we were so happy to have you here.

    Brenda, are you a fellow farmer? We should take a poll. How many city, suburban, and country folk we have.

  7. Hey Megan, ya gots to keep grinnin'! It sets off endorphins that calm a person. Mart told me all about it. (whispered: is that why she sits over there, grinning all the time??)

    Tammy: Thank you, and I like being busy! ;)

    Mart: Makita Buzz-Saw was a nick-name in high school.

    Brenda: That's where the super flick power would come in handy! Flick the crap outta our way, no shovels & wheelbarrows needed. Well, ok, that's kinda gross now that I think about it. We still need to compare chore notes tho.

    Carey: Thanks, I had so much fun answering Charli's questions! Could your superhero name be Wroboter? Half robot/half writer! The good thing about spreading ourselves thin, nobody can dig too deep... :)

  8. Mika,

    BTW, sandwich sounds awesome. If we can't get pubbed ladies we can at least make a recipe book!

    Glad you enjoyed! We love having you here!

  9. Thank you, Charli! And thank AJ for me too.

    Having a spotlight gives all us aspiring authors a glimps of how the future could be for us, if we just persevere and write. It's good for my writer's soul.

    Best Wishes!

  10. Nice to meet you, Mika. Your days sound so busy! Wonder how you get it all done. Hats off.

  11. Thanks so much for stopping by everyone. Mika, fantastic interview, and I agree with Charli, yummy sandwhich! Been out in the country lassies, very little net!

  12. Nice blog and interview, Mika. Good work.I've been meaning to refer you to my blog as well. It is