Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dinner with Jaws-WHAT THE FIN?

You thought someone was getting JAWSED. Well, you were wrong. All you got was this guy.

WHAT THE FIN is right. You just got HOSED.

I don't even know this poser.

Okay. We are slackers. HELLO McFLY type slackers. Tis September. We are busy with life in general, busy indeed. Kids, hubbies, bosses, parents, it never ends.

Oh, and writing of course.

I am winding down the first draft of my major rewrite, the first fifty are getting JAWSED for that partial.

JAWS is in the middle of a re-write herself. It's a HISTORICAL. She's like busy and stuff with research.

Life, writing, and critting for each other has left our poor wee blog flapping in the wind.

We are sorry.

You deserve better, our faithful followers.

So, do us a favor. What do you want to see, read, explore? Ledge Tuesdays? You enjoy my psychotic rants? Dinner with JAWS? You like blood-letting a wee bit? Grammar grind? You miss Fictional Agent Fridays? Contest info? What do you want people? This is your chance to JAWS this blog.

Let'er rip.


  1. Well, dudes--I mean, dudettes. I'm totally stumped. I have no suggestions for ya guys. LOL, yeah, you're probably thinking, thanks. You were absolutely NO help what-so-ever.
    Well, I do have to say that your pic made me laugh. LOL, look at that jaws costume. LOL, I want to wear that for halloween!
    Again, sorry for my lack of suggestions. But if I think of one I'll let ya know.

  2. Thanks Brenda. LOL. I think we are just fried from writing we got no gusto for blogging.

    That dude is awesome.

  3. Hey, that happens. I'm revising my pro and I'm finding it hard enough to get the gusto to do that. I have everything that I want to change in my head, but no get-up-and-write to get 'er done.
    Tomorrow is the day for sure. Crap, all it will take is a couple of hours. Yep, tomorrow it is.....
    Brenda--riding aboard the damn procrastination train once again

  4. The rocks in the pic look hard on the ass. I'd sitting on the tube, not in it. Of course the multiple drinks I'd be having would probably help...

  5. Yeah, rocky beaches don't seem like much fun. LOL.

  6. rocky beaches are not fun and create sprained ankles! like i've said before i'm so glad that i have stumbled across this blog. trust me i know the feeling of having the blahs about blogging. I'm going to take mine down in a month or so and try and focus on my writing. turns out i can't multi-task. i loved your fictional agent fridays, and the psychotic rants made me feel less alone in this crazy writing world...i may not always comment but i always read your posts!