Sunday, October 17, 2010


I've been feeling a bit paranormal due to the Halloween Season. Our recent Team Blog Post had Grandpa and Teen Wolf beating out the more popular boys of Twilight. How interesting. That had me thinking. I know, scary, eh?

What about the sexy vamps of legal age? I love me some Eric Northman. Yummy. Loving this Undead Viking had me thinking about another vamp I had a crush on a few years back. Lestat.

Eric and Lestat are very similar characters. They'd probably hit it off and be the best of cohorts. But today you must choose. Are you...
Team Eric...
Team Lestat?

Now. Let's chat before you decide.
Eric is a modern vamp. He wears track suits, highlights his hair and owns a strip bar. He's sort of like a Hot ass vamp version of Tony Soprano.
Eric takes no crap, has a truly sadistic side and his vanity knows no bounds. The Viking has a soft side too. He loves him some Sookie. And his eyes, oh man one stare and I am done son.
Lestat is an old school vamp. He wears lace shirts, has Fabio-esque hair, and steals his fortunes. He's sort of like Prince from Purple Rain but a wee bit more macho.
Lestat too, is ridiculously vain. Sadistic to a fault.
Lestat killed kids without a thought. A vamp of  truly indiscriminate tastes.

Eric donned highlight foils, not so hot. 
Lestat, a top hat. Hot? Not sure but definitely intriguing and cooler than the foil.
Eric on a bad day, he's still looking pretty hot.
Lestat, not so much.

The prodigies. Hmmmm...Louie or Pam?
Louie is the mighty fine Brad Pitt but Lestat was right, he can be kind of whiny. Pam is not my type personally but she'd die for Eric. Louie tried to off Lestat. Maybe next week we can decide whose team we're on. Pam or Louie...
At the end of the Day, I am Team Eric. Why? Lestat would still try to rock his puffy shirt while Eric would be chillin' with me in a track suit. My kind of guy.


  1. Well I really like Lestat but I like the Lestat from Queen of the Damned. But that may be because I thing Stuart Townsend is crazy sexy. He could bite me anytime. LOL! Then there is Brad Pitt. Wow! I am a long time Brad fan. So if you take Brad and turn him into a vamp I am in heaven. I could deal with his whinning. If you haven't noticed I am a vampire lover. They are sexy, rich, dedicated to their mates and immortal. Do I have to say more. LOL! Great blog Charlie girl.

  2. I never saw Queen of the Damned yet. I love all these guys actually. Cruise, Pitt, Skarsgard. But as a Vamp character I am all about Eric Northman. Thanks for stopping by Tabby!

  3. Team Eric all the way! Once he cut his hair and showed up in that powder blue
    sweater that matched his eyes... It was over!

  4. How could one not want [to lick] Eric after a bed hover view? Team Eric - I'll volunteer to be chairman :)

  5. Either or, makes no difference to me!!! LOL
    Sorry, I'm late.

  6. Well Eric it is! Sorry Lestat. Thanks for stopping by everyone.

  7. Totally team Eric!!!!

  8. Wow. So the modern way of life triuphs again. But personally, I am a Lestat person.*smiles wicedkly*

  9. Some late LeStat fans....I like Old World too. But Tom Cruise as a long haired blonde did nothing for me. I love the character though.

  10. i think lestat is more hot i like the hat but eric is hot too but more in a new way :)

  11. The top hat is definitely gives Lestat a certain aura but Eric, those eyes...

    I think I don't like Tom Cruise as a blonde. That maybe my problem with Lestat.

  12. i just saw this....

    um, can i have both?

    i have had a love affair with lestat (both film and book versions) for over a decade. i love me some sadistic men, though i don't date them (ever), and lestat's personality is...priceless. if we go without the progeny (i love pam), i'd have to say lestat. he's not all bad, as the book The Vampire Lestat sets out to prove, but he still has a bit of badassery.

    eric on the other hand...vikings are hot. brave, valiant, unafraid of death. eric isn't as vain as lestat, but he is vain, let's face it. also, his taste in women...meh. lestat at least had confidence enough to go for the queen ;) eric was more or less sophie ann's b*tch.

    that's my two cents :D

  13. steph, the episode with the blue sweater..charlimac and me talked for 15 minutes about how hot Eric looked. Team Eric all the way!