Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Can I get a side of Lafayette? A Secondary Character Spotlight.

"Well you go ahead on, hookah, with your badass. Good for you." Lafayette says, holding his coffee.

Can lines in a book or movie get any better than this? Lafayette of the True Blood Series is TRUEly a fine example of a great secondary character.

HBO got it right when they went off track from the Sookie Stackhouse novels and kept Lafayette alive. As an aspiring author I usually frown upon such changes, but this time it worked.

He is completely three dimensional. Spot on for what you want in a supporting role. To be honest, I'd totally watch the show if it were all about him. Lafayette has all the fun.

And the man surely can mash up the stereotypes. Gay, hood, and flashy. He'll throw a do-rag on just for show, a gold la may one at that. Check out his bling, a cross and some rims, holla! But that lipstick and eyeliner, I am impressed. What a tank top. Butch, yes, I can see his muscles but the rope like straps- fabulous!

That baseball cap is a wee bit adjacent, crooked. He got game, he hood, and all kinds of saucy at the same time. I'm not sure if I should give him three snaps up in Z formation when I greet him or a fist tap-man back slap combo. Maybe both. Yes! Lafayette would definitely do both.

Are your secondary's this evolved, interesting, unmistakable, and memorable?

Not familiar with the Poet Laureate of Bon Temps? Here are some of his best lines:

"B**ch, you come into my house ,you gonna eat the food THE WAY I F***IN' MAKE IT! Do you understand me? Tip your waitress."

"If she talked any more sh*t, she'd look like a turd."

"That boy is sex on a stick!"
"Don't get it twisted hunny, I'm a survivor first, a capitalist second, and a whooole bunch-a otha' sh*t after that, but a hooka' dead last..."

"Now Jesus and I agree to see other people that doesn't mean we don't still talk from time to time."

"This sh*t is goin' faster than fritters at a fat farm."

"You're a witch. You're a witch, who's a nurse, who's a dude. I guess I lucked out then, huh?"