Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Golden Heart and a Golden Ticket

Remember when Charlie, not me, found that money in the sewer? He went into the candy store and bought one last candy bar. One last attempt at the impossible. The following 'tis truly a writing fairytale.

Last year a critique partner believed so much in her friend's work she convinced her partner to enter the
Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart Contest. This author does not craft cookie cutter romance stories. No, her steampunk-paranormal is edgy, seductive, and wrought with characters that stay with you. Thinking the odds stacked against her, she gave in, took a chance, and entered.

G. Jillian Stone finaled.

And won.

Her crit partner,
A.C. Mason must be one proud mama.

At the RWA National Convention Jill schmoozed at the bar and landed an Agent. Not just any agent but one of the Big Boys. You know the type. The one's that don't take unsolicited manuscripts. You think this is the HEA of this story? Nope.
G. Jillian Stone landed a SIX BOOK DEAL. That's right, six.

This soon to be PUBLISHED author is a member of my critique group. Both AJ and I fell in love with her characters immediately. One of them, Phaeton, is a cross between Johnny Depp's character
From Hell and Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes. Total drool factor.

Ms. Stone is now knee deep in edits and will probably laugh at this post, trying to remember when this all happened. (Being locked in an edit cage and all.)
Now, truth be told, Jill was also a veteran on the contest scene. Entering, getting feedback, and constantly working on her craft. Working to make it the best story possible. So, good luck or damned good writing? I say that latter.

Do you know someone whose MS is ready for the leap to enter the Golden Heart? Are you? Click on this
link to read two interviews from GH winners, one G. Jillian Stone herself. Who knows, maybe AJ & Charli will be interviewing you next summer? You never know... The RWA's Golden Heart Contest entry deadline is November 15, 2010. The entry form anyway. The submissions are due December 2, 2010.

This is what happens to kick ass crit partners.
There's still time. Now shoo, go, polish that MS until it shines. I know I will ... and AJ better be thinking the same.

THE YARD MAN: An Affaire with Mr. Kennedy, Pocket, March 2012 - THE CARNAL SINS OF RAPHAEL, Pocket, July 2012 - THE SEDUCTION OF PHAETON BLACK, Kensington, September 2012 - A VERY PRIVATE DUEL WITH PHINEAS GUNN, Pocket, November 2012

AEQUITAS II PUNISHMENT, by a.c. Mason, the second book in the AEQUITAS Trilogy, due January, 17th 2011.

Charli & AJ


  1. Aw, you guys are so nice to dredge up the whole GH thing again! But it is entry time again, and I believe the deadline is coming up fast (for those of you who are brave enough to enter!)

    I say do it!

    I thought I didn't have a shot in hell to final and if you watch my acceptance speech the night of the awards banquet, I sure as shit didn't think I had a chance to win the Golden Heart. Can you swear on this blog? Ari Gold would!

    And thank goodness for crit partners!

    Halfway through my editor's notes and beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

    Thanks, Charli! Jill

  2. We thought it appropriate to talk about the GH,and of course the correlation to kick ass crit partners!
    Charli's pushing me to enter, and I must admit, I'm mighty tempted!

  3. AJ is entering. Orders! Jill, only fitting to give you and Mason a nod. True example of great writing partnerships.