Saturday, December 25, 2010

In Spite of Loss...

This post is for a person I am proud to call my friend.

We're all losers. We can't escape it, not worth trying. Loss is a part of life.

You can lose your job. Keys are never where you last put them. The Battle of the Bulge is now known as being the Biggest Loser. Socks disappear into dryers, never to be seen again. We lose touch with persons we once thought we could never live without, with our spouses, children, and friends. Rocky lost to Apollo Creed. We even lose hair, eyesight, and hearing with age.

We lose. Every single day, we... lose.

The loss that is the most unbearbale, unspeakbale, and hardest to get over is the loss of a loved one. The idea, notion, realization, that someone once breathing and so full of life, is no longer of this earth, shakes you to your core. Shakes your belief in God, in what is right in the world, faith in most things if you let it.

Yes, we all lose a little everyday. But in reality we also gain, if only our hearts let us and our minds open up to the possibility.

Loss doesn't define us. Who we are, who we become in spite of it does.


  1. Beautiful post, Charli. You're a good friend. Hugs to you as well as Jodie.

  2. Beautiful post, C. Jodie is in my thoughts.

  3. Incredibly moving post, Charli. Jodi is in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Wonderful, heartfelt post Charli. Keeping Jodi in my thoughts and prayers.