Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Power of the V... In Publishing

It’s an election year and whether you’re an Obama Mama or a Romney Mommy we cannot deny how women have influenced campaigns nationwide. The current political dialogue may teeter from the economy to health care but in the end, the focus comes back to us, or rather, our vaginas.

What does this have to do with publishing? Humor me for a sec. This diatribe about our whoohas has a point.

Here's a chat I had with the hubby recently:
Hubby: Are vaginas really magic?

Me: Well, yes they are. You're here, aren't you? You constantly try to do things to it; some new, some old, and some from national geographic. It also makes your jiggly bits do things, too.
Hubby: Oh, yeah. Can they stop things from happening from just thinking about it and stuff?

Me: Duh, of course they can. With just three Kegel Clenches, while whispering "There's no place like this V, there's no place like this V, there's no place like this V," Vaginas can prevent spontaneous combustion, calm murderous rages, simulate orgasms, and organize the hell out of a closet. We can't divulge all they can do. It's kind of a top secret thing. If everyone knew the government would weaponize them. Could you imagine Dr. Evil-esque lazer beams attached to them? The horror!
Watch the following commercial, “Hail to the V”, about how the most influential Women in History derived their power from a fresh clean feeling down under. Watch it. Now.


Wow, right? You totally want to run out and buy some vaginal perfume products. You could be Joan of Arc or Cleopatra with the right stuff for your stuff. But seriously, I believe that all Vs, regardless of being coiffed, fluffed, or au’natural have immense power.

And Empowerment is amazing.

So, I think I need to take the time here and empower Female Authors.

It’s hard being a writer. Rejection, self doubt, changes in the industry, and constantly honing our craft. Just finding time for ourselves, the creative side of ourselves amongst this daily thing called life is a huge challenge. You know, those things called families and such. I have a job, a kid, a hubby, pets, ailing relatives, friends, and this little thing called trying to be a published author. I haven't even had time to dye my hair. The teen, bless her heart, told me, in her, like, totally shocked, and, like, so annoyed 14 year old voice, that I, like, seriously needed to cover those grays. If she only had clue where else I have them. But that's another post.

I can't imagine being a published author, have all that pressure to succeed, and all of the above. I mean, its my goal to be there one day but it's daunting just trying to get there, with all of the above. Then to get there and not be as recognized as male authors? I have no words. Well, I do, but it's pretty filthy and one of the Nuns that taught me may read this. I push the envelope as it is already.


Writing is a solitary venture. But, we are not alone. We have a group of Amazing Women to draw strength from. It’s probably a group you didn’t even know existed.

Female New York Times Bestselling Authors.

Do you know that in the past ten weeks 74% of the NYT Bestselling works of Fiction have been written by women?

Yerp, you read that right. And I will type it again.
74% of the New York Times Bestelling Authors of Fiction in the top 10 for the past 10 weeks have been women.
For the weeks of August 5th through October 7th three quarters of NYT bestsellers were WOMEN. That’s combined print-hardback/paper, and combined e-books and print.
83% in combined print and e-book
64% in combined print- hardback and paperback
75% in total overall.
The power of the V.
Look at those numbers again? What do they tell us? E-books and print alone were a whopping 83%! Not once, in either category of Combined Print and Combined E-book and print did we ever fall beneath 50%, and we were only at fifty twice. The weeks of August 26th and September 23rd we had 100% of combined E-books and Print in the top ten!
These stats have me thinking of an article Jennifer Weiner and Jodi Picoult did a while back about how no matter how many books they sell that male authors continue to get the literary praise, all the editorial write-ups in the NYT and other prestigious papers, and especially more cash from publishers with marketing. And in case you're not putting two and two together that can mean less income for a female author. You can't market, you can't sell, you won't make as much money.

Like most other industries, women continue to make less than men. But Picoult and Weiner had the courage to start this conversation back in august of 2010 and its still going on. I cannot not thank them enough. Many have talked about it. A male author even recently stated how Weiner and Picoult are belly aching about the whole thing.

This little post is not long enough to dissect the topic. But we can at least start the conversation. Like, why do we continue to be treated as such when WE are the dominating the sales?
It’s a man world, so some say.
But we can change that by sticking together and writing great fiction. Staying in female oriented groups and empowering one another. Maybe a few of us can come together and write an article for Writer’s Digest and start the dialogue rolling in a more public venue? Maybe we can just continue to craft great stories and allow our dominance to speak for itself.
Either way, it is our time to shine with our formidable Vs.
The Power of our collective Vs.
The Vs that continue to dominate the NYT top ten bestsellers list in fiction. This is the message we need to shout from the rooftops.

When I have time, I will compile the stats for an entire year. When I have the time. Which may be never. Feel free, anyone here, to do so yourselves. Please. It would be awesome. My magic whooha needs to save its energy for other things.
Ha cha cha and happy writing my fellow Vs.



  1. Great post! And I loved that commercial.

  2. So why do we continue to let the men get away with being dominant? Maybe because we know who we are and what we are capable of producing. There's not a woman on earth who doesn't know that baby she had is hers! Men don't know that. They are so pitifully insecure. At 78 years old I don't feel I have to prove anything. But maybe I'll have a website this year and write just for the helluva it.
    Anne Crowder

  3. First, I missed the hell out of you and your magic V, C, lol.
    Second, awesome post.
    Third, loved the commercial--and have to admit, it made me feel powerful for a moment, lol--and proud of my V.
    Fourth, what a great question? But sadly I don't have the answer--except I do not feel inferior to any man, be it in my writing life, personal life, etc, etc. Just ask my husband and my V.

  4. Thanks, Janie!

    Anne, get that website going!

    Brenda, miss ya too chica. :-)

  5. WTG!!! Thank you

  6. There was a great post. I don't understand an industry that doesn't appreciate its money makers and when you take into account that women buy more books than men, I can only ask, are those guys having a blood flow problem to their brains?

  7. Thanks Casey!

    Susan, well, blood flow could be going in another direction. Just sayin'.

  8. Man, how I've missed your posts! That video rocked, and made me rethink the power my V has in our house of males. Interesting statistics, another great point.

    Keep 'em coming, Charli Mac! I love your posts.

  9. Brilliant stuff! And I truly think that a V is never truly dressed without a shimmery golden glow and a symphonic swell of angel sighs.

    And that commercial? I first saw it as a movie trailer--maybe it was Harry Potter? Don't remember--all I know is I stood up and clapped in delight. Best commercial evah.

    Hubby hates it. WhatEVER. Doesn't like to be reminded of his kryptonite, I guess. :)

  10. Oh, Charli Mac, you are witty, brilliant and spot-on with humor and facts! Fabulous post, and a nifty starter to my day!

  11. Sheri, I miss you too chica. Life sure does get in the way of my bantering on here. I am making an effort to post more.

    Ash, Angels Sighs are a given. Snort!

    Laura, Glad my writing to brighten your day. Your comment brightened mine. :-)

  12. You need to see this video clip: Enjoy!