Saturday, September 4, 2010


We all remember that bad spell I had a few weeks back. No need to re-hash. A mental break was needed to ponder. During this sabbatical I read some books and slowly got the urge to write again. Over the last few days everything that came across my computer screen felt forced. Nothing seemed to jump out at me.

There are a total of FOUR openings to my novel. For the life of me I can't decide on one. Each one sets a different tone. How do I want to introduce my characters to the masses? No clue. I thought I knew but then the rejections came piling in, contest results, CP's opinions.

Too many cooks spoil the broth? Maybe. But I wasn't getting far on my own either.

Bottom line. I want to get published. I want a writing career.
Yesterday, I came across a freelance editors site. Cha-ching. Yeah, they cost money. This one is reasonable and an intern for a literary agency. She has her MFA and some writing creds. This maybe what I need, right?

Well, I send off an email with what I am looking for. Help with my opening, edits of my first 50 pages for that partial I need to send out. Skimming through my openings it clicked. I cannot ask another person to make such a huge decision for me. I have to do this myself. Like Rocky up there.

The opening to your story is everything, especially for an ASPIRING AUTHOR. I mean I'm not Nicholas Sparks or Stephany Myer- they can pretty much write pizza menus at this point and land on the NYT BS List. I have to get my head on straight.

Channel surfing Rocky II pops on the screen. Can you say Divine Intervention? For those of you who do not know, I'm a ROCKY girl. Being from Philly, how could I not be? Rocky is the man. He inspires me to kick as at will. From time to time I send youtube clips of inspiration to friends. Sometimes I'm Micky, sometimes Rocky. The other week I was Paulie, a belligerent train wreck. LOL.

This opening seems to be my Apollo Creed. I can't seem to beat the SOB.

Remember in the beginning Rocky wasn't into training for the fight. He had a case of the blahs. The best scene was when Micky told him to chase the chicken for speed and conditioning. Rocky said he felt like a "Kentucky Fried Idiot". That's how I feel with all these openings, no direction, my muse must be on vacation.

Here is the clip. Watch Rocky chasing, and chasing, and chasing, and chasing. You get it. That's I how feel with this damned opening. A KENTUCKY FRIED IDIOT. Micky tells Rocky that he's gonna eat lightening and crap thunder when the training is done. I just ate a burger. I don't think I will be getting the same results any time soon. But by the end of the clip Rocky is ready. He is ready to take on Apollo Creed and get the job done. And he catches the chicken. Maybe I will catch my opening. But Rocky got out of the blahs. I'm still chasing....

Adrienne finally gives Rocky her blessing to fight, tells him to win, and his heart to fight comes back. I received an email from someone who found my author site last night, asking where she could buy my book. Can you say cyber crushing! This most awesome woman stated that after my blurbs and seeing my trailer, she wants to read it. She gave me my Adrienne moment.

After making the final decision, on which opening to chose,  I hope I get the urge to run up the Art Museum Steps. Scratch that,  I'm out of shape. I'll just run up the steps to my office. Deal?

Here's to chasing chickens and openings people. Stay tuned.


  1. Beautiful. Just when we think we can't get any lower down in that dark, smelly, pit, a ray of sunshine burst through and shines on the ladder leading up and out.

  2. Now I have to admit (and please don't shot me for this ) but I have only seen Rocky Balboa...but I do get the references. I guess the rocky films are on my list of gotta see it before I die. I think too many cooks can spoil the broth and since this is your baby, you know in your gut where you want to take it and how you want the finish product to feel and sound like...This writing deal is an adventure to say the least and I sometimes ask myself why on earth did I chose to make writing my life's work? I blame it on being a wee bit And maybe you could walk briskly up the Art Museum Steps

  3. Brenda, I try. LOL. Nudge-nudge, wink-wink.

    Kris, I am not speaking to you until you see Rocky. After you see Rocky you will be compelled to see Rocky II.

    Here are the trailers to entice ye a bit. Now, they're from the 70's. But you get the picture.

  4. MORE DIVINE INTERVENTION. Guess what came on after Rocky II..... JAWS. No. Shit.

  5. sylvester stallone is one ugly also like the constant ROCKY being across scrolled the screen...its interesting to see what resonate with people...i'll be checking to see if the video store has it...

  6. OMG, if Tammy reads this Kris you better hide. LOL. He's the Italian Stallion.

  7. lol...i'll get ready to bolt..

  8. "I'm a fighter, not a farmer." LMFAO!

  9. Mick: Do ya have ta wear dat stinkin' sweatshirt?

    Rocky: Ah, it brings me luck, ya know?

    Mick: Ya know what it brings, it brings flies.

  10. Oh, the dreaded opening scene--so much is riding on it. I'm glad you found your inspiration!

    PS--love Philly!! :D