Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wind up the PITCHES!

It's time to share your pitches. Yup that's right. Let's go people. If you do not have one for your own MS, make some up for your favorite books or movies. Tis' good practice.

You can post them all or just one. They do not have to be perfect, far from it. Here we can work on them.

This is a great way to really boil down what your story is about. It sounds scary but is fun, and quite addictive. If you don't try now, when will you? Chicken...Yup I called you chicken.

Just look at last week's posts for the examples of all three pitch types in great detail with examples.
Here are mine for BY GRACE ALONE:

The heart of THE NOTEBOOK meets the family dysfunction of BROTHERS & SISTERS

His wife left. Her husband died.
Can childhood friends and first loves rekindle more than the friendship they thought lost?
Lost love found along the Jersey Shore.

What are your thoughts about my pitches? JAWS me, if you dare!


  1. Hi Charli,

    Here's my pitch:

    "The Nightmare Before Christmas- the angry New Yorker version."

    For your pitch:

    If I were you I would work on your premise pitch. The question you asked was a little cliche. You put your book into a cookie cutter. What makes your "reunion" story special?


  2. Hmm...cookie cutter. I guess for me it's that they are childhood sweethearts helping each other grieve over the end of their marriages. She is preggers, with her deceased hubby's baby. They fight their connection...yada

    Your pitch. You have a movie with a concept. I'd love for you to find another movie or book to compare it to. Angry NY...Taxi Driver maybe?

    The premise pitch...A macabre Christmas amongst NY's angriest population. Scary Holidays!

    See how each evokes entirely different images.

    Love the visuals I get from what you posted though! Merry Christmas, you talkin' to me? LOL.

  3. BTW, JC thanks for the comments on my premise. I need to make it stand out more, I get that. If you have any thoughts, feel free...

  4. Hey, C. I'm still working on mine. I just wanted to let you know, I came I saw, I learned. LOL, and yep, I know I'm a chicken.

  5. Give us a little peek Brenda, maybe we can help. In the query class we helped each other.

    Yes, we didn't have the pleasure of reading each others MS' but that was the best part. We, like agents, are completely green to your work.

    We can tell each other if the emotions or visuals the pitches evoke are working or not.

    Gimme something...

  6. Damn, I keep using my fav defense mechanisum--humor. I can't seem to pump out a serious one. Since I have vampires in my story I keep thinking about the munsters and the thing is is my story is very--deadly--serious, lol.

  7. Seventeen-year-old Justin Talent seeks revenge against a wannabe vampire who killed his sister--problem is, the vaccine-induced immortal wants to drink his mutated blood to get high.


    A genetic mutation makes Justin Sharp an outcast--it also makes his blood a drug. A drug that can kill his sister's murderer.

  8. LB, definitely the second. I am hooked lassie.

  9. LOL, thanks! :D Let's hope I can get an agent to feel the same way. ;)

  10. The Children's book I finished would be Lassie meets Dennis the Menace in a role reversal.

    The premise: Can the boy keep his too curious dog out of trouble for even one day?

    Did I do this right, Charli?

  11. Hmm. This is for kids right?

    Lassie meets Dennis the Menace, in reverse.-Elevator Pitch

    Can a boy keep his curious dog out of trouble, for just one day?

    How's that?