Wednesday, November 24, 2010

'Tis YOUR turn to be thankful

With the holidays approaching at an alarming speed, Black Friday around the corner, and Christmas not too far away, retailers are lowering prices ... trying every trick in the book to get you in to spend, spend, spend, whilst empytying your wallet, running up your credit cards, and making the holidays a commercial magante's boon, rather then ...

I digress ... I'm not going to give you a huge diatribe on the meaning of Christmas, but I am going to tell you, well, Charli and I are going to tell you what we're thankful for.

Thanksgiving has come and gone in Canada. I'm waiting for my fellow Americans, especially, Charli, to catch up. Beyond the obvious, being thankful for my incredible husband who believes in me, and my beautiful daughter, who was a surprise, but whom I adore, and my family and friends who have helped shape the woman I am now, I'm also thankful for the astounding circle of writers I've met along this, my journey of creativity.

A big shout out to MM, otherwise known as Marianne Harden, creator and moderator of Rom-Critters, an online group created with the premise of helping, fostering and honing ones writing skills. And to G. Jillian Stone, whom I had the opportunity to write with her before her well deserved six book deal!

To all the fabulous authors of amazing stories that inspire me to be great, and the fields in history that beckon me to explore, I'm thankful.

I'd not be writing this blog had I not joined said group, starting reading Charli's story, said a million times over I'd never blog, and of course, you, our faithful readers. By the way, ye kick serious arse, and we're so happy to have you! FINALLY, meeting one another at the NJ Romance Writers Conference.

Seriously, New Jersyites don't want you. No Uncle Sam portrait- pointing his finger at you saying, 'We want YOU!' Those damn jughandles deter even the strongest of lassies, i.e. AJ & Charli.

And so it began. In the darkness, I landed at Newark from Toronto. Juggling two suitcases, laptop case and purse, I grabbed a coffee, lit a smoke and waited for Charli. (I know, I know, smoking is bad, yada, bitch at me later)

Beats bumpin' in her SUV, she rolled into Newark. Ditching the cancer stick, I hopped in, ready to schmooze. First stop, the liquor store. Second, hotel check in, then some victuals.

Nice digs eh? We thought so. Pillow top mattresses, feather pillows and Aveda products.

After several alcoholic beverage's and chatting till dawn most nights, we parted, eager to meet again. I'm eternally grateful for having such an opportunity.

We hit it off famously; separated at birth, we have so much in common, its scary.

Charli is thankful for a lot of things. My family of course, that goes without saying. The Tweener and Hubby are keepers. They put up with my crap and vice versa. All the other blood relatives are okay too. Friends, yeah, they keep your hair out of the toilet the morning after a good night out so, Gracias Mi Amigas!

My writing, the world in which I have submersed myself, I am most thankful for. Rom-Critters- MM and all the peeps from that crazy group, Pennwriters, my other wee little band of lady critters, my FB family, and most of all AJ, aka, JAWS. The crit partner who often listens to me babble on from the ledge. Her friendship has been invaluable. I cannot forget Tammy and Mel who stuck with me chap by chap on my first MS. There have been many others who have read and critiqued my work-I am humbled that you thought enough of me to do so.

AJ Wilson, when we met, I did pick her up in my SUV with It's Tricky blasting from the speakers. I had a clown nose on but she couldn't see it. A hot NJ Cop saw it, so I took it off immediately. No reason to be detained in an airport as the first suspected Terrorist from a Clown Cell. Really. We had a blast and I can't wait to meet up again.

Speaking of Jersey, I am thankful for the Jersey Shore. Not just the fictional beach town from my story but the Mtv Show, Boardwalk Empire, Jerseylicious, The Real Housewives, and My Wildwood Weekends spent with my partners in crime - My Philly Chicas. Jersey is a hot locale right now and I can only hope it helps get me pubbed. The City of Brotherly Love and The Southern New Jersey Shore are the backdrops for my stories. They breathe life into my words and are the heartbeat of my muse.

To all those agents who gave me rejections. Thanks. I mean that. You've helped me grow as a writer.

Finally, WE, are thankful to you, the person reading this right now. You care and are interested enough to listen to us blather on. Thanks so much for being a part of this journey with us. You rock our business socks.

Oh, and I am eternally grateful to the Old Spice Guy. Words are not enough. Not enough at all.



  1. well said you two! I am also thankful for the old spice man! YES.I. AM!

  2. Hey, I'm thankful for your guy's blog, lol. You two keep me emtertained. But I have to say I'm very thankful to my writer friends--virtual, real, and imaginary.

  3. crap, that is supposed to say, entertained not emtertained---what the hell is emtertained anyway???
    Grr, I should just give up typing today.....

  4. No, I like em-tertained. It's my word of the day. Thanks Brenda!

  5. Em-Tertained is a pause before clapping after witnessing a really great tap dance.

    Emter-tained is one who is fully certified in the act of emtering. Like I totally emtered by beer in 3 seconds flat, hiccup. Charli is emtertained.

    Emtertain-Ed is the act of pacifying Uncle Ed's onion armpits during Dinner.

    I could go on........but I think I shall, um, Em-Tertain the notion of quitting while ahead.

  6. LOL...OMG, I can't stop laughing......Love it...

  7. Em-tertained is what readers are when they read an AJ and Charli blog. And for that, I'm thankful.

  8. Oh, I forgot to say I'm thankful for Brussel sprouts

  9. Wonderful post. I am thankful to all of you at Rom critters for helping me learn so much as a writer in this past year, hugs!

    And as a dual citizen i get to enjoy turkey second time around. Happy Turkey day!

    Michelle Kopra

  10. Sheri, were just as thankful for you lovely ladies and gents that take the time to stop by for a laugh :-)

  11. Thanks for posting this! You guys are great. You blog has been a great source of laughter, fun, and education to us writers.

  12. Thanks Everyone and Happy Turkey Day! We love being here and WE grow with you.

    Sheri& Michelle, glad you are a part of the Rom-Critters Crew.

    Julie, we learn as we go, thanks for being here.

    Brenda, I am thankful for NO Brussel Sprouts, thank you.

  13. Last year, just before Thanksgiving, my son, Aleksander, was tragically injured in an accident. He underwent emergency surgery on November 13th, and additional surgeries on November 23rd and January 11th. Never would he be the same again...and neither would I. For a long time, I passed through a dark place where only mothers with broken hearts pass. I emerged from the darkness of despair only because of Dr. A, a brilliant surgeon who brought my son back from the darkness of blindness. Today, I'd like to give thanks for the genius and skill of Dr. A.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Madeline,

    Tears came reading this. Yes, there is so much to be thankful for. Blessings and well wishes for you and your son. Happy day!

  15. Thank you all for commenting, and sharing with us what your thankful for in life.

    Madeline, your strong, most mothers are, but you even more so. Thank you for sharing a little piece of yourself with us.