Sunday, November 7, 2010

We Don't Need no Stinkin' DeLorean!

Great Scotts! No, you read it right. Great Scotts as in Scotty too Hotties. Not the Professor. My crit partner's MS is filled with hot Highlanders. But this ain't no heaving bosom story. Not at all! And to go Medieval Scotland you don't need Marty McFly.

I am shamelessly plugging my crit partner this evening. She gets major props from me. Kudos, pats on the back, fist taps, or whatever it is you do for your peeps, I'm giving that to my crit partner, aspiring Historical Fiction Author, AJ Wilson.
She got the FULL request at the NJRW Conference. Super proud of her.

When we first exchanged crits over a year ago I thought it would be one of those, you did one for me so I'll do one for you, then done. She was writing Historical Romance and me, Contemporary.

I had never read a historical romance before. Girl was so good, I was hooked. I even cyber chat in Scottish brogue now-as some of you may know.

Over the past year both of our writing has evolved by leaps and bounds. Now, she is doing something so daring. Girls got some big balls. But, she won't wipeout!
She took her historical romance and turned into a work of HISTORICAL FICTION. AJ had the courage to follow her instinct and write the BEST MS possible. What she has done is pure brilliance. Breathtakingly beautiful. And it was already that to begin with.

I am helping the best I can to get it in tip-top for the FULL. Hence, the quiet blog of late. Sorra lads and lassies we've been neglecting our cyber duties. AJ started a funny post about our conference weekend. But, I have her locked away in Scotland, circa 1455 to be exact. Not letting her out.

Her novel, transports you. You'll think you're there. No DeLorean needed. It's that good. And I can't wait to see it on the shelves! Want a taste, check out her site.


  1. yup I agree:)

  2. Kris, don't know how far you've read but tis a nailbiter!

  3. I think I've read to chapter 11. AJ sent my up to chap 14..gonna read it today...lovin' so far!

  4. Anything with Scottish hotties in it I'm all for. ;o) Still in love with Outlander to this day, though I didn't like the direction she took with that series after book three - but I digress. Hope to get the chance to read your book one day AJ!

  5. Oh, ye shall get a chance. It will be pubbed. LOL. I am just getting ready to read the Outlander now...