Friday, December 3, 2010

Great Scott, Universe Altering Plot holes!

Okay, my girl Camille's blog had this video about the mind crushing ending to Back to the Future and the REAL universe altering ramifications of Marty McFly. And I totally had to steal and share.

OMG is all I have to say.

This is hysterical. Balls out dead pan comedy. And it really has me thinking about plots, stories, endings, and the like. All you sci-fi world altering dystopic time traveling writers, let this be a warning. Watch how you mess with things.

Thank God the characters from the Jersey Shore aren't time traveling anytime soon. I shudder with horror at the thought.


  1. LOL! I always had a problem with the whole time paradox thing. Oh well, must leave room for artistic license I guess. Plus, it makes for great spoofs later! :D

  2. awesome bud...I dont I've ever actually paid that much attention to any of the Back to the Future movies or really any movie for that matter...they kinda suck the fun out of it the light heartedness of the's just a movie...

  3. HIGH-LARIOUS!!!!! Two thumbs up! I will never look at "Back To The Future" the same way again...


  4. Back to the future movies ROCK and that video ROCKED even more if that's possible!!!

  5. I always thought about that...How didn't McFly's parents recognize him as he got older???? LOL.