Monday, December 27, 2010


This is what an AWESOME blog looks like.

How can you get as awesome as AJ & Charli? Bathe in it everyday...lather, rinse, and repeat homey.

Today, we reached 100 followers. 51 on BLOGGER and 49 on Networked blogs. I know other blogs may boast higher numbers but I am permitted to bask in my awesomeness for a moment.


Thanks to all our peeps. You like us, you really like us! And we love you too, and your blogs. You rock the interwebs like we do. Okay, you're AWESOME like us. Why? You follow us, that's why. And we probably follow you too. It's one, big Fest of AWESOME we're having.

It takes AWESOME to know AWESOME. Pretty Awesome isn't it?

In the words of a man who knows what awesome is, the Great Ali G, Booyakasha to all our Peeps for following. Just look at him below. That's how AWESOME people get dressed everyday.

BTW, I had a three finger ring in high school and aspired to be part of the Wu Tang Clan. I just raised the AWESOMENESS bar, and you know it.


  1. Woot, woot! Congrats!

  2. Thanks LB. We're dorks but funny dorks.

  3. Congrats AJ and Charli,

    To my mind you have one of the most refreshing/humorous/irreverent blogs around for writers. Keep up the great work.

  4. very cool ladies!